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Anela Elaban

World’s Beautiful Miss 2023 -

Representing The Aloha State

"Winning World's Beautiful Miss was a dream come true. The rush of confidence, the cheers from the crowd, and that sparkling crown on my head – it was a moment I'll cherish forever. It taught me the power of self-belief and determination. This adventure was a whirlwind of learning and personal growth. I now have a profound appreciation for the dedication, hard work, and talent that contestants bring to World's Beautiful Miss. It has ignited a strong desire in me to continue my journey in the pageant world. The quality of Samantha, my director’s guidance and support was outstanding, and it truly paved the way for my success. 


One of the most extraordinary aspects of this experience was the opportunity to connect with a diverse and inspiring group of people. My fellow contestants at World's Beautiful Miss quickly became like family, and the bonds we formed are priceless. I'm genuinely excited to see where our paths take us in the future. 


 I would highly recommend the World's Beautiful Miss to anyone looking for a platform to shine in the world of modeling. Thank you, World's Beautiful Miss Pageant, for an exceptional & amazing experience!"


Anela Elaban, a 20-year-old proud representative of the Aloha State. Anela's interests span working out, modeling, and traveling, with a special talent in hula dancing. Anela was crowned the first ever, World's Beautiful Miss on September 10, 2023. 


Throughout her year, Anela Elaban is dedicated to uplifting those who suffer from depression, break the stigma surrounding it, fostering social change, and creating a positive impact on the journey to mental well-being. 


Grateful for being the first World's Beautiful Miss, Anela cherishes this historic moment, values the connections within the modeling community, seizes the platform to promote her passion project and embraces the opportunity to build her modeling portfolio. 


Michelle Titze

World’s Beautiful Teen 2023 -

Representing Bolivia

"The dedication of Samantha, the director, was outstanding, and she truly helped build my confidence and self-esteem. I felt valued as a contestant. The World's Beautiful Miss surely delivers on their promises and their communication was exceptional. I would highly recommend others to join next year's World's Beautiful Miss if they're looking for a friendly environment and a organization that brings out the confidence in them. Thank you, World's Beautiful Miss, for an unforgettable experience!"


Michelle Titze Monasterio, a 15-year-old student proudly representing Bolivia. Michelle enjoys singing, dancing,  playing piano and violin, and traveling around the world. Michelle clinched the coveted title of World's Beautiful Teen 2023 on September 10th, 2023, through the World's Beautiful Miss Competition.


In her year, Michelle has poured her energy into making a difference. With a little sister on the autism spectrum, she's dedicated her time to supporting special needs children. Having faced bullying herself, Michelle is also a passionate advocate against bullying.


Grateful for the support she's received, Michelle sees her role as World's Beautiful Teen 2023 as a chance to be a positive role model. She wants to inspire anyone feeling uncertain about themselves, showing that beauty is about embracing who you truly are.


Yashira Galarza

 World’s Beautiful Ms. 2023 -

Representing Puerto Rico

"I had the pleasure of participating in the first ever, World's Beautiful Miss. World's Beautiful Miss is what I was looking for, the way they teach and care about their models/contestants is outstanding. I am in my thirties and have been in the model industry since I was a teenager. I can compare my past experience to now and tell you that I have never learned so much until World's Beautiful Miss. Thanks to the director Samantha who was very professional and welcoming.  She created an inclusive and supportive environment. 


I would highly recommend World's Beautiful Miss to anyone looking to grow personally, as a model, to get out of their comfort zone, or to those that would love to take advantage of the best opportunities in modeling in the most prestigious fashion shows in and outside the United States. World’s Beautiful Miss is a pageant that celebrates beauty in all its forms. Thank you World's Beautiful Miss Organization for an exceptional experience!"


Yashira Galarza-Sample, a 36-year-old business owner proudly representing Puerto Rico. Yashira's diverse interests include adventuring, quality family time, camping, fishing, hiking, travel, playing sports, and modeling. With a robust sports background in track and field, gymnastics, baseball, and notably volleyball, she represented Puerto Rico internationally in countries like Brazil, Argentina, and the Dominican Republic.


Yashira clinched the esteemed title of World's Beautiful Ms. 2023 through the World's Beautiful Miss Competition on September 10th, 2023. Her profound passion for aiding children and the community shapes her identity and goals, with a commitment to making a meaningful impact on causes close to her heart. Yashira's platform, "Leaders of Tomorrow: Empowering Youth Today," is dedicated to effecting positive change in the lives of young individuals through mentorship and youth empowerment. Throughout her reign, Yashira has immersed herself in philanthropy, serving as a Wish Granter, Ambassador, and Volunteer for The Make-A-Wish Foundation.


Grateful for the transformative impact of World's Beautiful Miss, Yashira acknowledges the opportunities and experiences gained through this competition. As the inaugural World's Beautiful Ms 2023, she aspires to inspire and contribute to a brighter future for her community and beyond.

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